Heart slate
Heart slate
Heart slate
Heart slate
Heart slate

Ultra Sound Scan Printed and Engraved Heart Shape Hanging Slate


Introducing an extraordinary treasure crafted with love – A heart-shaped hanging slate, destined to hold the most profound emotions within its very fibers. This slate, adorned with the miraculous snapshot of your baby’s first heartbeat, is a testament to the wondrous journey of life that’s about to unfold.

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These slates are imprinted with UV technology, and the delicate lines of your baby’s ultrasound scan are etched onto the slate’s surface, capturing the purity and promise of a new beginning. Back of the slate, you can have any text you like. Each contour, every nuance of this tiny, budding life is faithfully replicated, a testament to the marvel of creation.

Whether it’s the radiant glow of a mom-to-be, the unwavering support of a loving wife, or the boundless affection for a precious daughter, this heart-shaped slate transcends words, embodying the purest emotions a heart can hold.

Every time this slate catches the light, every time its edges brush against a gentle breeze, it will whisper stories of love, hope, and dreams fulfilled. As your fingers trace the contours of your baby’s ultrasound, or as you read the engraved words on the back, remember that this slate is more than a gift – it’s a vessel for your emotions, a symbol of your unwavering connection, and a timeless reminder of the love that knows no bounds.

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Weight12 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 16 cm
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