Christmas tumbler
Christmas tumbler
Christmas tumbler
Christmas tumbler
Christmas tumbler
Christmas tumbler
Christmas tumbler
Christmas tumbler

Personalised Christmas Tumbler Crochet Pattern Printed


Introducing our personalised Christmas tumbler – A blend of winter luxury and practicality. Your name and cherished crochet pattern grace its exterior, while it keeps your winter drinks warm. It’s a visual masterpiece with a palette inspired by winter’s enchantment. This tumbler isn’t just about aesthetics. It preserves the warmth of your favorite drinks, from coffee to hot chocolate. Elevate your winter moments with a tumbler as unique as you.

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Introducing the epitome of winter luxury – a personalised Christmas tumbler meticulously crafted to enchant your senses. Imagine a tumbler that not only carries your name but also showcases your cherished crochet pattern printed all around, all while keeping your winter beverages blissfully warm.

This remarkable tumbler is not just an accessory, it’s an embodiment of your winter dreams. Your name, elegantly printed and you can choose the font you like on it.

We understand that winter is a season of comfort and nostalgia. That’s why we’ve seamlessly infused your favorite crochet pattern onto the tumbler’s exterior. The stunning illusion of three-dimensional crochet work is expertly printed, mimicking the intricate texture and depth of real handcrafted crochet. Each loop, stitch, and pattern emerges as if it were magically woven by a master artisan.

And when it comes to colors, we’ve curated a palette inspired by the enchantment of winter. Imagine the deep, inviting reds reminiscent of rosy cheeks in the cold. Picture the lush, serene greens that evoke the tranquility of snow-laden forests. Delight in the elegance of navy blue, reminiscent of starlit winter nights. Or embrace the purity of frosty white that encapsulates the season’s serene beauty. Whichever color speaks to your heart, it’s a feast for the eyes and a tribute to winter’s splendor.

But this tumbler is more than just a visual masterpiece. It’s a practical marvel designed to preserve the warmth of your cherished drinks. Whether it’s a steaming cup of morning coffee, a soothing herbal tea, or a velvety hot chocolate crowned with whipped cream, this tumbler ensures that every sip is a delight.

Picture yourself holding this exquisite tumbler, running your fingers over the intricate printed crochet, admiring your name as if etched by an artist, and savoring the uninterrupted warmth of your chosen drink. It’s not merely a tumbler, it’s a symphony of winter elegance, a thoughtful present that seamlessly melds personalisation, artistry, and functionality.

This Christmas, elevate your winter experience with a tumbler that’s as unique as your snowflake and as warm as a cosy fireplace. Let your name shine, your crochet pattern captivate, and your selected color warm your soul. This isn’t just a gift; it’s an homage to you and the cherished moments of winter’s embrace.

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Weight12 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 16 cm

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