Personalised Mother’s Day Magic Mermaid Sequins Cushion Cover


Introducing our Personalised Mother’s Day Magic Mermaid Sequins Cushion Cover – A truly enchanting and heartfelt gift to celebrate the special bond between a mother and her child. This 40 cm x 40 cm cushion cover is designed to bring joy, surprise, and a touch of magic into your loved one’s life on this special occasion.

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Key Features:

Unique Reversible Sequins: Our cushion cover features reversible sequins, with one side plain and the other adorned with shimmering sequins. The sequin side has a coloured front (choose from options like Black, Silver, Gold, and more) and a white back. The sequins can be flipped or brushed to reveal your hidden surprises.

Triple Personalisation: What sets our cushion covers apart is the ability to personalise not one, not two, but three sides! You have the option to add your personal touch to all sides, making it a truly bespoke gift.

Normal Non-Sequins Side: This side is perfect for your cherished baby scan photo, a meaningful message, or a custom graphic.

White Sequins Side: While sequin layers may not lie completely flat, this side allows for a clear and creative message or graphic.

Color Sequins Side: Express your sentiments with text on this side, as it’s less suitable for photos due to the sequins’ nature.

Image and Text Personalisation: We make it easy for you to bring your vision to life. Just attach a high-quality image or logo along with any special notes you have in mind. You can also specify the messages you want to print on the cover.

Image Suggestions:

Non-Sequins Side: Here, you can print anything – from a precious photo to heartfelt text or intricate graphics.

Color Sequins Side: Text works beautifully on this side, and solid designs are suitable. However, it’s not the ideal spot for photos.

White Sequins Side: Keep in mind that sequins may create white areas between them, but the print remains clear. Lighter-coloured photos and close-ups of faces tend to work best here.

With three printable options to choose from, our Personalised Magic Mermaid Sequins Cushion Cover is a versatile and thoughtful gift that allows you to express your love and appreciation for Mom in a truly unique way. Make this Mother’s Day extra special by surprising her with a personalised message and a hidden treasure of memories that she can cherish forever. Gift wrapping is also available to make the surprise even more enchanting.

Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 16 cm
Design type

Only cushion cover, Cushion cover with filling


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